About Us

Quantem is the leading independent provider of bulk liquid storage terminals across Australia and New Zealand. Quantem provides bulk liquid storage solutions at 12 locations throughout Australia and New Zealand with storage capacity of over 600,000 cubic metres.

Quantem brings together two of the leading bulk storage and handling providers across Australia and New Zealand; ANZ Terminals and GrainCorp Liquid Terminals to create a truly unique business in the bulk storage industry.

Our customers include major oil and chemicals companies, as well as independent chemical and commodity traders. We are a trusted partner in our customers’ supply chains, connecting our customers to their domestic and international markets.

We offer storage and handling services for a range of products including chemicals, petroleum fuels, vegetable and edible oils, base oils, flammable and combustible liquids and other products. We also provide additional customer services, including loading and unloading of ships and trucks, as well as product blending and drumming.