Community – Geelong, VIC

Quantem has been a vital part of the Geelong community for more than 40 years, supplying raw materials to a wide range of Victorian manufacturing, agricultural and printing industries.

It handles products vital to the viability of Geelong and Western District companies including Godfrey Hirst, the Geelong Advertiser, various Geelong and Western District asphalt companies, the local dairy industry, several Geelong manufacturers and Warrnambool food producers.

At present. Quantem’s Geelong facility stores bitumen, AVGAS and a range of common chemicals such as caustic soda and isopropyl alcohol.

Quantem provides local employment opportunities at its Geelong facility and supports employment indirectly in other local industries.

A detailed description of the chemicals stored on site as well as the safety systems that provide layers of protection for each specific material can be found here.

Community engagement

Quantem is committed to working with the community to help make Geelong an even better place to work and live. To enhance its involvement with the local community, Quantem  established a Geelong Community Engagement Group (GCEG).

Quantem also established a community grants program and since early 2012 has distributed more than $50,000 to North Geelong schools, community groups and junior sports clubs.

One of the important functions of the GCEG is to support Quantem as it strives for continuous improvement in all areas of its operations and particularly in achieving the highest possible levels of safety, environmental standards and performance.

The Geelong Community Engagement Group website pages provide detailed information on the GCEG.

Minutes of the Terminals Geelong Community Consultative Committee (TGCCC) can be found here.