West Melbourne Community Grants Program

Terminals, through the Coode Island Community Consultative Committee (CICCC), has established the Terminals Community Grants Program.
Grants of up to $3000 per project are available to community groups based in Footscray, Kensington, Seddon and Yarraville. Each year a total of $10,000 may be granted.

Grants are available to bona fide community groups for projects that aim to improve the local environment or local amenity, or promote community education, particularly for children.

Projects will be assessed against the following criteria:

  1. Funds are for projects only and not for any recurrent expenditure like annual sponsorship, maintenance programs, etc.
  2. Projects need to be clearly identified as specific to Footscray, Kensington, Seddon or Yarraville
  3. Preferred projects would aim to:
    • improve the local environment or local amenity
    • promote community education or awareness, especially for children
  4. Grants will only be provided to properly constituted organisations (those with a bank account and ABN or who are registered with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission) that are community based or not-for-profit organisations
  5. Organisation must be willing to present outcomes of the project to the CICCC, present financial statements showing how the money was spent and support the generation of media coverage of the project.

There is no application form. To apply, simply write to:
Gary O’Sullivan
West Melbourne Operations Manager
Terminals Pty Ltd
70-78 Mackenzie Road
West Melbourne VIC 3003

Your letter must include information about your organisation, details of the project and a statement explaining how the project meets the grants criteria. If you are asking for money to buy a product or a service please include a quote.

Applications will be considered at CICCC meetings and need to be received by Terminals 10 days prior. Applications will close for 2015 once $10,000 has been granted. Remaining CICCC meeting dates for 2015 are 12 May, 18 August and 24 November.