What’s important to us?

  • The health & safety of our people & safeguarding the communities and environment where we operate is our highest priority. We believe every incident is preventable, we are committed to protecting the welfare of our people, the environment & key stakeholders.
  • Our focus is to deliver safe, reliable & efficient storage and handling services for our customers. We achieve this through our commitment towards strong operational leadership, consistent operating procedures & engineering excellence.
  • We conduct our operations in compliance with all relevant environmental licences and regulations, optimise energy efficiency at our operations while working to minimise the impact our operations have on the environment.
  • The safety & integrity of our terminals’ operations is paramount. Our approach to health & safety of our operations is implemented via our HSEQ Systems and our HSEQ Strategy which focuses on continuing to drive improvement in our processes, training programs & internal capabilities.

Our Vision and Values


Be a leading independent bulk commodities storage company in Asia Pacific. A trusted and sustainable partner in customer supply chain through strategically advantage infrastructure



We make sure every facet of our business is underpinned by safety.


We fully understand our role with respect to our customers, suppliers, regulators and partners.


We strive to create excellent, safe, reliable & reputable processes that create value for our business and our external  stakeholders.


We are committed to delivering what we promise.


We see leadership as both a formal and informal process within our business.